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pension at bafa lake in turkey

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Agora pension 

Small hotel, pension at the Bafa lake

little hotel pension at bafa lake

surrounded and covered by plants - the pension at the 'Agora' (marketplace) of ancient Herakleia

The Agora pension is situated in the center of the village Kapikiri on the northeast shore side of the Bafa lake. Here you live peacefully, far away from the tourist centers, in midst of a beautiful landscape and in close contact with everyday village life of the local olive farmers and fishermen. The roosters and donkey of the village will serve as your alarm clock.
Your host, Orhan Sercin, was for many years the mayor of Kapikiri. He knows his homeland around the Bafa lake like no one else. He can tell many a story and give helpful hints which are not to be found in any travel guide.
The pension offers lovely furnished rooms with 2-3 beds. There are 11 rooms with bathroom and WC availabe. Recently the pension has even been equipped with central heating for the cool season.
The host is particularly proud of the new, internal hamam (Turkish bath) which he built for his guests. It is operated - like the central heating - with peletts from olive oil production,  an ecological and cost-effective alternative in this olive region!

the host of the little hotel, pension at bafa lake

Your host Orhan Sercin and his wife Özgün

Here "Anne"  ("Mom") cooks - outstanding Turkish meals.
The meals are served depending on weather conditions either in the comfortable dining-hall or on the plant-roofed terrace. The rich breakfast consists of different kinds of cheese of the region, house-made jams, olives from the host's own trees, honey, yogurt and egg dishes according to your wishes. Herb and black tea, Nescafe and other hot beverages are free of charge. Dinner is usually a typical Turkish menu with five courses: soup, different vegetables prepared with olive oil produced by your host, meat or fresh fish from the Bafa lake, native sweet specialties and fresh fruits.

Vacation activities at the Bafa lake
The Agora pension offers a varied hiking and culture program to its guests. There are easy hiking programs around the city-wall of Herakleia and to the objects of interest in the Bafa lake region offered and also trekking of several days on the "King's Way" over the Latmos mountains.

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